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Deputy Hauser & Sheriff Dannels recognized

Cochise County Sheriff's Office hosted another field day for our Law, Public Safety and Security students on Tuesday, May 9. Students toured the jail and facilities while learning about law enforcement. Joel Todd, Superintendent, and Tina Gudvangen, Program Director, popped in for a visit to catch students learning and to recognize Deputy Hauser and Sheriff Dannels for their commitment to the program and students.

Deputy Hauser was presented with applause from his students and a certificate that read, "In appreciation of your outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty and sharing your passion for Law Enforcement with students in Cochise County. Thanks to your dedication, the children of Cochise County are becoming better citizens today and protectors of our communities tomorrow."

Hauser, Todd, Dannels

We also recognized Sheriff Dannels whose partnership and vision made this program happen. His commitment of resources, facilities and personnel has made this new program an outstanding learning opportunity and source of pride for students. Sheriff Dannels certificate stated, "In appreciation of your commitment and support to educating our youth in Law Enforcement and sharing the honor and dedication of this career.  With thanks and gratitude for your dedication to educating our children and bringing safety and pride to our communities and citizens."

We'd also like to thank Deputy John Fillipelli for substitute teaching in the program and for his commitment to our students. Cochise County Sheriff's Office personnel have lent a hand when needed to provide specialized training to our students. We thank them for their partnership in this program and for giving our students an opportunity to learn to serve and protect the citizens of Cochise County.

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