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About Cochise Technology District CTED

22 days ago

The Cochise Technology District officially began on July 1, 2001, as an idea shared by seven satellite superintendents and governing boards. Douglas School District joined July 1, 2004. Bisbee and Sierra Vista School Districts joined July 1, 2013.  The ten satellite high schools in the District are Benson, Bisbee, Bowie, Buena (Sierra Vista), Douglas, San Simon, St. David, Tombstone, Valley Union and Willcox. The Cochise Technology District Governing Board and Administration have worked with the Governing Boards and Administrations in the ten satellite high schools to develop and improve Career and Technical Education Programs for their students. 

For the 2015-2016 school year, Cochise Technology District reported to the Arizona Department of Education over 2,800 students enrolled in satellite and central campus Career and Technical Education Programs. This enrollment generated $2,654,766 in revenues for the ten satellite high schools to improve and expand their Career and Technical Education Programs. 

These additional revenues allow the ten satellite high schools to accomplish the District’s Vision of providing high-quality Career and Technical Educational Programs for all students enabling them to have the necessary career and technical skills to enter the workforce and/or advanced training/education upon high school graduation. 
Welcome to Cochise Technology District
Cochise Technology District connects high school students in Cochise County with quality, collaborative learning experiences in Career and Technical Education programs. Using innovative technology, students are linked virtually and traditionally with opportunities at the high school and community college to gain the technical and leadership skills necessary to be prepared for economic independence and to make informed decisions about their career, continuing education, and community.

Cochise Technology District offers programs in Nursing Services (CNA), Law & Public Safety, Network Technologies, Mental Health, sUAS/Drones, Welding, and HVAC.